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As a British universal bank, Barclays supports consumers and small businesses through our retail banking services, and larger businesses and institutions through our corporate and investment banking services.

Operating in nearly 30 countries, we see our suppliers as an extension of our business and key in helping us become the bank of choice. Our aim is to develop world-class, value-adding partnerships with our suppliers and support innovative solutions that put clients and customers at the heart of what we do.

For prospective suppliers, the Barclays Supplier Marketplace (BSM) is a resource for any supplier, diverse and non-diverse, to introduce its capabilities across a range of third-party goods and services that we procure. We welcome suppliers of all sizes and types to register interest in doing business with us.

For incumbent suppliers, we encourage you to register in the BSM to present broader capabilities beyond those we may already be familiar with.

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Please note: registration in the BSM does not guarantee a business opportunity. Where there is a potential fit, we may consider your solutions as part of an inclusive and responsible sourcing process. Please be sure to maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of the key representative.

Barclays Global Supplier Diversity

Global Supplier Diversity

At Barclays, we are commited to building an inclusive and supportive culture to provide equal opportunity for diverse suppliers around the world that are diverse by size of the business or ownership (i.e. gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic, sexual orientation, military veteran, people with disabilities). We also seek to do business with for-profit mission-diverse suppliers, often referred to as social enterprises.

As a leading global financial institution, we understand the significance of enterpreneurship in building prosperous communities. Our aim is to do business with the most innovative, responsible, cost-competetive diverse suppliers - wherever in the world we do business. For more information about Barclays Supplier Diversity initiative, please visit

Tier 2 Reporting

The Barclays Tier 2 Programme reinforces our commitment to an innovative and inclusive procurement process by encouraging prime suppliers to do business with diverse suppliers in its supply chain. Barclays only accepts Direct Spend with diverse suppliers on Barclays contracts that can be tracked back at the supplier and project level. Current prime suppliers with Tier 2 reporting requirements can access the Unitier platform by clicking below.

Environmental, Social and Governance, Sustainability and DEI

Barclays ESG

Barclays aims to reinforce our business integrity by striving to improve the service that we provide, making responsibile decisions in how we manage the business, and actively managing the social and environmental impacts of what we do to help individuals, communities, businesses and economies progress and grow. Our goal is to drive excellence in these areas throughout our own organisation, and to support and influence positively the development of these areas in our supply chain. We accomplish this through the application of our Code of Conduct for Third Party Service Providers.

We require that our suppliers comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards within the geographies in which they operate.

Barclays recognises that the management of environmental impacts is integral to good business practice. We encourage our TPSPs to implement environmental management programmes as appropriate to the nature and scale of their businesses, and align with good practice.

Barclays is committed to respecting the highest standards of labour and human rights as set out in the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).